Planting Project and Its Application

It involves the procedures of the selection of appropriate plants according to the location, providing of plants and their planting.

Sprinkler System and Its Application

The planning of sprinkler system to provide water for the plants of the planting project and the grass area.

Garden Lighting Project and Its Application

It includes whole electrical and lighting works according to the landscape project which provides aesthetic night view for the garden.

Drainage Project and Its Application

Water drainage system is applied in order to protect plants at the landscape area and the grass area from overwatering.

Firm Soil Project and Its Application

The process of garden oriented firm soil design, stone selection, soil selection and their application

Roll-on Lawn Planning and Its Application

The process of determining roll-on lawn including approriate grass-seed mixture and its unroll application.

Decorative Pool Design and Its Appplication

The process of planning special designed living and non-living decorative pools and their application.

2D and 3D Project Design

The process of presenting landscape projects with computer based programmes, sketches and various animations.
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