Aytül Temiz Garden Architecture and Engineering Services,is an Istanbul based office of landscape design and its applications. Our company with our architects, engineers and technician staff; we design 2D and 3D projects of landscape areas, prepeare the applicatioon projects of designs and in order to apply the projects in its best way with our turn-key working principle we manage every single step of the project in coordination with our clients. Solution partnership for landscpae areas with cooperative construction companies, client based design for personal garden areas, pot planting for interior and exterior spaces, design of terrace and roof gardens, at the spaces like restaurant , hotel and cafe where interior and exterior architecture is very much important, finding solutions in order to meet our customers’ satisfaction are our prioritized topics. Our aim is to create restful, happy and comfortable green areas with our unique designs without making any concessions on quality.


She received her B.S. at Istanbul University Faculty of Forestry as a Forest Engineer. During her education at the institution of Forestry, she was writing her thesis on the ”organizations in landscaping enterprises” and wrote the book ‘ Garden for New Starters in 310 steps’ with the sponsorship of BOSCH. In her 160 page-book she described the main elements of landscaping, she gave various information on garden design, garden maintenance, vegetable gardening,sprinkler system, lightening system, ornamental pool, officinal plants, and organic products. Her book was released in March, 2012. As an expert, she had a lot of live programs and interviews on gardening and plants on various TV channels like Show Tv,Fox Tv, Bloomberg Ht, Beyaztv, Tvem, Trt1, Bereket tv, Kanal7, Çiftçi TV, Business Channel Turk and Tvnet and found answers of garden lovers on these shows. She gave seminars to students on landscape and environment in various institutions like Istanbul University, Doğa Private School, Bahçeşehir Private School, Küçük Şeyler Kindergarden and Fark Private School; she also gave seminars at important companies like Eczacıbaşı Holding etc. She has taken places in both boutique and major; public and private landscaping projects in their design and application processes. She shares her landscape works on her website and on her Facebook fan page ‘Bitki Uzmanı Aytül Temiz’ with nature lovers. Dozens of videos of her on plants have been watched on (Uzmantv etc.) by millions. She can use several drawing and designing programs and having a lot of certifications on her expertise, she has taken places in various workshops. She can speak English with full professional proficiency. She writes columns about landscaping ,garden,enviroment on ‘İçerik Fabrikası’. Her poetry book ‘Alacalı Ebruliler’ was released in January, 2014. She was donated the sales revenue of her book for children in need of protection. She compered and worked as editor of Turkish TV programmes; ‘Garden World with Aytül’ and ‘Flowers world’ on Çiftçi TV. She has been start to doing Tv broadcaste on Fox Tv since June 2016 and still Istanbul University’s advisory board member. She has been working on her landscape projects as general manager at Aytul Temiz Landscape Design for seven years.


  • Planting Project and Its Application
  • Irriggation Systems Project and Its Application
  • Garden Lighting Project and Its Application
  • Drainage Project and Its Application
  • Firm Soil Project and Its Application
  • Roll-on lawn Project and Its Application
  • Decorative Pool Design and Its Application
  • Planter Design and Its Application
  • Seasonal and Montly Garden Maintenance
  • 2D and 3D Project Design
  • Landscape Project Consultancy