Secrets of a Pleasant Garden

Garden Design varies  not only with the differences between living and inanimate materials but also with the differences between traditions and religional beliefs of communities. Firstly you need to make arrangements for the garden of your dreams.  This process of arrangement consists of  skecthes(plan), fragmentation and measurements. Plans would help you to see your garden from bird view and it ease the process of arrangement. Afterwards when you come to the phase of designing you should add existing trees, your house and other buildings to your plan. Another important point is to mark places like you want to hide or places which are noisy. In order to enclosure these areas and to block niose you may need curtaining with plants. after you mark these details on your plans you can start to design your ideal dream garden.

After you are done with your plan, you should parcel your garden. While parcelling your land, you should check the right sun and shadow angles.  Espically on hot summer days the importance of shadow can not be denied. E.g. If you have children it would make sense to plant an evergreen tree to protect your children from sunstroke. Moreover it can also be possible to design a play area for you children if the plant that you planted has a appropriate form.

 There are also aesthetic features that you should care while you are designing your garden For example plants should be proportional with themselves and with the garden itsel, which means you should choose your trees and shrubs which are proportional with the size of your garden. From their shapes to their colors plants in your garden should conform with your house.  You can also use symmetry in your garden. For example if you had designed a straight walk way which is perpendicular to your house entrance, planting symmetrical plants or putting symmetrcial stones would make your garden look better. Never forget symmetry is a factor that makes people feel secure. Of course plant selection is not  only relatable with their sizes. You should  also extremely take care about the agents like climate and the flora  of the region. For example you should be aware of climate of the region whether it is mild climate zone or a cold climate zone…You should also take care of the soil requirements of plants. You may also need to use additives. Of course you should also be aware of the light or shadow requirements of  your plants .

Apart from the plants swings  also make your garden look more beautiful. They are both decorative and joyful.  For a joyous chat in your balcony you may also buy a proper swing for your balcony. Ergonomy of your exterior furniture provides a long term pleasure of your garden or balcony. But you should take care of the textile of your furniture to bestrippable, because it will be dusted regularly therefore you need to wash it regularly. After you design your garden you should also not forget your garden’s illumination. A good illumination would enhance the quality of your garden. I wish you to design your pleasant  garden without forgetting the fact that it is an important part of your lifecycle.

Grass at Garden

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How can we prepeare spaces for lawn?

Soil, where the seeds of lawn supposed to be planted, should be soft and smooth. Therefore soil is aerated. The clods at the soil should be decomposed with shovel. Soil should be watered for one week in case that brought soil has clods. Afterwards all the weed is gathered by hand of with depilatory. In case of a depilatory usage seeds should not be planted for one week. The area is smoothen with a harrow. For one square meter 30 gr of 15-15-15 fertilizer is manured.

What does viola want?

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What does viola want?

It loves humus-rich soil.

Moisture rejoices it.

It would like to live in partially shaded or semi-shaded place.

Violet soil should be dry.

It does not require a lot of water . You can give water if the soil is dry.


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What are the general characteristics of lilac plants?

Lilacs bloom only in the spring. They are easy to maintain. Lilacs can live under bad conditions, that shed their leaves in winter.