Questions of you asked in Facebook page ‘Bitki Uzmanı Aytül Temiz’
I want to ask you a question. We bought orchids three days ago but its flower started to come down. What should I do? Could you please help?
Thank you..
Rumeysa Tepe Öztürk- 26.01. 2016
Hello Miss Temiz;
Firstly I want to thank you for informing us with your programs. I want to ask you a question about craaton. It started to come down but afterwards with regular watering, it started to stool. I cut the 7-8 leaves at the top in order to strengthen. But now as you can see in pictures sprouts at the bottom are grown up but the ones at the upper part has no progress. How can a strengthen these? Thanks for answering
Levent Yıldız- 14.01.2016