In Bloomberg HT Tv Main News Bulletin, a program was carried out to address the issues related to the garden, landscape and ornamental plants sector.

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Our Founder Aytül Temiz joined the program ‘Hayat Güzeldir’  broadcasted on Show Tv.

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Our Founder Aytül Temiz joined the program ‘İşin Sırrı Derya’da’  broadcasted on Fox Tv.

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Our founder Aytül Temiz conducted a conference at Istanbul University.

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Our founder Aytul Temiz joined the program ‘Benden Söylemesi’ on Fox Tv.

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 News on Milliyet from the perspective of  Atılay Kandemir about our founder Aytul Temiz

Fatma Aydoğdu, her daughter Buse Aydoğdu, Mehmet Köymen, Cengiz Özek ve Gözde Çelikbilek came together to celebrate Aytul Temiz’ birthday.


Our founder Aytul Temiz went to the exhibition ‘Abstract Reflections’ which took place in Ekavart Gallery.

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Our founder Aytul Temiz gave an interview to the magazine ‘Alem’.

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Arda Turan Villa Landscape Project Application and  related Media


Küçük Şeyler Kindergarten Seminar

We gave a ‘Butterflies and Plants’ themed seminar at ‘Küçük Şeyler Kindergarten’, which belongs to Üstün Dökmen. We want to thank all of the employees of school for their invitation and their great hospitality.

Doğa Primary School Conference

At Doğa Primary School a conference is given by our founder Aytül Temiz, her signed books are given to the students as a gift.

Bahçeşehir Primary School Seminar

Accordingly ‘Forest Week’ our general manager Aytül Temiz gave a seminar which includes information about nature, environment, forest and landscape to the 3rd and 4th grade students of Bahçeşehir Primary School. Children influenced by the seminar draw nature protection themed pictures and hanged them on the school walls in order to start a awareness campaign. This action of students which is not obligated by their teachers, made us and their teacher very happy. We thank all precious and sensitive students and Bahçehir Educational Institution for its invitation.